February 19th, 2012



“Daddy, will you be my Valentine?”

Happy Valentine’s Day to the man that deserves all the Love in the world…

The original line art to this drawing belongs to the wonderful Burdge. I’ve only added a smooshy Valentine’s Day flavor to it. Mostly because I think it’s one of the sweetest and most brilliant things I’ve ever seen. 

I see this as a card that Ginny (and Lily) put together for Valentine’s for Harry one year :3 I think Ginny would definitely have a sentimental side to her, and what’s more perfect than this adorable scene?

Extreme valentine’s cuteness closeups included for your benefit!

What do you think?

OH MY GLOB has she put a beret in his hair?? what a fantastic addition! and lovely coloring, m’dear! thank you!

…i drew this two years ago whut

(via powergirl)